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Working hard to achieve a sleek, smooth silhouette that just seems constantly out of reach? A tummy tuck might just be the answer you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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Tummy Tuck Tampa is ready to help you finally achieve flat abs and the beautifully contoured waistline you’ve been searching for. After hundreds, or even thousands of crunches, sit-ups and various other abdominal exercises, eating right and losing the extra pounds, why haven’t you been able to achieve the firm, flat tummy and sleek, slim waistline you’ve been dreaming of?

When our skin and stomach muscles have been pushed to the max, they aren’t always able to shrink back to fit our body contours the way they used to. As we age, skin elasticity just isn’t what it used to be. Also, during pregnancy or significant weight gain, the muscles in our abdominal wall can become weakened or separated and are unable to heal by themselves. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or maybe a mini abdominoplasty may be the answer you’re looking for.

You can stop searching your phone for a “tummy tuck near me,” or “best tummy tuck surgeon in Tampa,” because you are right where you need to be. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can answer all your questions and help you determine if this is a good fit for you and your aesthetic goals.


About Tummy Tuck Tampa FL

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You may be wondering, exactly what is a tummy tuck and can it help me look better? Here at Tummy Tuck Tampa, we can answer all your questions and help you determine if a tummy tuck procedure is the right thing for you.

A tummy tuck procedure is designed to remove excess skin and sagging tissue from your abdomen while tightening and repairing the muscles of your abdominal wall. It is generally performed on those who have lost a significant amount of weight or for women who have had pregnancies that have caused the skin to stretch too far and the muscles to become too weakened to be able to return to their former contours.

What we do at Tampa Tummy Tuck is help you decide if this is the right procedure for you. We help determine what your aesthetic goals are and if abdominoplasty (a tummy tuck) or possibly a mini abdominoplasty will help you reach those goals.

Our experience and expertise will help set your mind at ease.

We pride ourselves on our accredited, board certified plastic surgeons, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve found the best tummy tuck doctor in Tampa or the surrounding areas. Beautiful results and happy clientele are our top priority.

Contact us today and we’ll set up a consultation where we can meet face to face and answer all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Why Choose Us?

Pregnancy, substantial weight loss and simple aging are all things that can alter your body and cause you to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Before you know it, unflattering bulges and sagging abdominals can contribute to discouraging levels of self-confidence and a fear of the camera. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, these body alterations often are unable to be remedied. That’s where Abdominoplasty Tampa can help.

Unflattering silhouettes and unsightly paunches can become a thing of the past with a skillful surgeon and a little bit of patience. If you’re worried about tummy tuck costs, our mission is to keep things affordable with financing and payment options that we can talk about at your consultation.

Tampa Abdominoplasty is here to guide and assist you throughout this journey to a slimmer, trimmer more youthful-looking waistline. We recommend calling us for an in depth consultation to help you determine what is right for you.

Some things to help you know right away if this is the best option are:

  • Has it been at least 6-12 months since you were pregnant? It’s important to give your body time to recuperate after pregnancy. And, are you finished growing your family. Obviously, another pregnancy will alter the effect of a tummy tuck, so it’s best to wait until you are finished having children before considering this procedure.
  • Are you at a stable, sustainable weight currently or are you planning to still lose a significant amount of weight? If you still have a large amount of weight you are wanting to lose, you will want to postpone this procedure until you are much closer to your goal.
  • Are you a non-smoker? Smoking significantly reduces the body’s ability to heal and it’s recommended that you do not smoke for a certain amount of time prior to or after surgery.
  • Do you have realistic expectations? A consultation will help us determine if your goals will be able to be achieved with this procedure or if something else will be more likely to help you.
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What To Expect?

At Tampa Abdominoplasty, we feel that communication is key. During your consultation, your surgeon and you will discuss the transformation you are hoping to achieve and the procedure(s) that will best accomplish that. The procedure protocols will be explained so you can know exactly what is entailed.

Your safety and comfort is our top priority. It should be noted that no surgery is without risk, however, tummy tuck complications are rare and by following your doctor’s directions you can reduce the risks and enhance your healing.

We encourage you to ask questions at your consultation. Your surgeon will examine you and determine the extent of the surgery we recommend based on your health, skin laxity and fat deposits, but your input is crucial. Asking to see your surgeon’s before and after pictures will help you have a realistic idea about what can be accomplished.

Asking for references from previous patients can also be helpful in deciding if this surgeon is the right fit for you. Patients who ask questions and strive to educate themselves are often the most satisfied with their results.

Tummy tuck recovery times vary from person to person and depends on the extent of the surgery provided. There is soreness and swelling that dissipates over time and gentle walking is recommended right away to keep blood circulating and aid in healing. Most people are able to return to light duty jobs (such as desk jobs) in approximately 2 weeks.

But vigorous exercise, manual labor of heavy lifting is restricted for at least 6 weeks giving your abdominal muscles time to heal completely.



In determining the look that you are going for, Abdominoplasty Tampa may recommend additional combination surgeries such as liposuction. Our mission is to deliver your desired results which often includes more than just a simple tummy tuck. All of that will be determined at your consultation.

Our tummy tuck procedures include:

tampa tummy tuck options

Mini Tummy Tuck

The mini tummy tuck Tampa addresses the excess skin and fat in the lower abdominal area. Most often the scar is shorter. The muscles are tightened by fixing the laxity between the six pack muscles. The belly button stays in place and there is no incision around it.

Full Tummy Tuck

The full tummy tuck is a powerful tool of transformation. In this procedure, the skin and fat are removed from the upper and lower abdomen. The skin is then redraped and the excess is excised. The belly button is repositioned and more defined. The weakened abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures which narrows the waistline creating a more hourglass-like appearance. Generally the incision is from hip to hip and around the belly button as well.

Extended Tummy Tuck

If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, the extended tummy tuck might deliver the results you’re seeking. With this procedure, the scars are longer, but this helps in achieving a significant effect on the abdominal wall contour. As a rule, the pubic region is lifted as well, creating a universal improvement in the torso and an overall more desirable look to your whole stomach.

tampa male tummy tuck

Male Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are not just for women. Men like them just as well and we welcome male clientele. We offer you the same types of procedures although, you’re obviously seeking them for somewhat different reasons. You aren’t likely to be recovering from pregnancy, but sometimes men gain a great deal of weight when their wives are pregnant and this could ultimately be the answer to returning to your pre-pregnancy days as well.

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Tampa, Florida is a great place to live and work! Its historic architecture mixed with its modern landmarks, along with a cultural infusion of Cuban and Spanish flavors makes it a vibrant city with a thriving business district and incredible waterways.

Including the beautiful Tampa Riverwalk, downtown Tampa is alive with urban parks, chic bars and spectacular cuisine, not to mention, amazing restorations of turn-of-the-century buildings.

Whether you reside here or are visiting on holiday, there are numerous things to see and do. Attractions include, paddling along the Hillsborough River, tequila sampling at a margarita festival, or taking in a pro hockey or football game.Busch Gardens thrill-coaster is a spectacular time for the thrill seekers.

Known for being a great destination for all ages and interests, Tampa offers a wide variety of hotel accommodations, from the budget conscious to luxury vacationers.

Historically known as a melting pot for all cultures, the city remains a friendly, welcoming venue for those seeking opportunity, fun and adventure.

Surrounding cities include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Tummy Tuck in Tampa?

Depending on which tummy tuck procedure you and your surgeon decide on to achieve your desired results, tummy tuck prices will vary. We offer financing at Tampa Tummy Tuck, because we don’t want you to settle for a cheap tummy tuck Tampa. Abdominoplasty costs are always a concern for those on a budget, but giving the best possible care and delivering the best tummy tuck in Tampa is what we strive to give each of our patients every single time.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty (the medical term for tummy or stomach tuck), is a commonly popular procedure to improve the appearance of the abdominal region by removing excess skin and soft tissue, repairing weakened or separated abdominal muscles and repositioning the belly button, if necessary. A tummy tuck for women is often sought when they are finished having children, although the procedure is becoming common with men who are looking to regain a more youthful-looking midsection.

What does a tummy tuck NOT do?

While there are many benefits to opting for tummy tuck surgery, it is not a solution to all abdominal concerns. It cannot always remove stretch marks, although removing excess skin can and does reduce the number and the remaining marks may be less noticeable on a firmer, flatter abdomen. You may need to talk with a dermatologist or specialist in scars and stretch marks if they are a great worry for you. Tummy tuck surgery is also not a method for weight loss, rather, it usually follows significant weight loss. Finally, abdominoplasty addresses the abdominal area and not the entirety of a patient’s hips. If you are hoping to address other areas, you should talk with your surgeon about other procedures.

What is the tummy tuck recovery time and process?

You will have bruising, swelling, redness and mild discomfort following your procedure. It will be necessary for you to wear a compression garment which helps facilitate healing by protecting incisions and promoting proper blood flow to help reduce swelling. Avoiding strenuous work or exercise for at least 4-6 weeks following the procedure is normal and should only be resumed after approval from your doctor.

Customer Testimonials

Tummy Tuck Reviews


Woohoo! I’m over the moon with my tummy tuck results! I can’t say enough about how fun it is to pass by a mirror, or a window and see this smooth, sleek silhouette and then realize it’s me! Amazing!

-Alicia H.


Finally feel like I might get my football abs back someday soon. I didn’t realize that my abdominal muscles were separated from the excess weight over the when I lost the weight, but couldn’t get rid of the paunch, I thought I wasn’t trying hard enough. Now, the muscles have been repaired and I’m just waiting for the go ahead to start some serious exercise!

-Dawson R.


Totally loved this experience and most of all the results. My doctor was so kind and encouraging and went over every tiny detail to reassure me. The staff was incredible and put me at ease immediately. Totally worth every penny.

-Lindsey W.

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